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It is expressly noted that all photographs, and in particular all folding instructions for origami models, are protected by international copyright regulations. Downloading and copying are permitted for private use only. If any of the material is to be put to commercial use, the permission of the originators must be obtained. We will be happy to put you in touch with the persons concerned.

Disclaimer Responsibility for Content

The content of our web pages has been compiled with the greatest possible care. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for the correctness, completeness or currency of the information provided.

Responsibility for Links

Our site provides links to other websites over which we have no control, which means that we cannot assume liability for what they contain. The content of the linked pages is the responsbility of the owner or operator of the pages in question. When the links were created the pages were checked for possible infringements of the law and none were found, but without specific indications it is not possible to carry out ongoing checks of the content of the linked pages. If we become aware of any such infringements the relevant links will be removed immediately.


The operators of this website always strive to observe the copyright rights of others and to use only material which they themselves have created or which is in the public domain. The page content and material created by the website operators is subject to international copyright law. Contributions from other parties are designated as such. The reproduction, modification, circulation and any type of exploitation of the content that goes beyond what is permitted by copyright law requires the written consent of the author or creator. Downloading and copying of these pages are permitted for private and non-commercial use only.